Russ UngerEpisode 7/12

Russ Unger is a UX professional, co-author of multiple books, and a proficient speaker. In this episode, we talk a lot about the importance of writing and speaking for UX Designers, and why it matters for us to be involved. Russ also gives ways to get started in speaking and shares some advice from his seasoned speaking experience.

Steve KrugEpisode 6/12

Steve Krug is probably best known for writing the industry shaping book, Don’t Make Me Think. In this episode he talks about the new edition of this classic, as well as his writing process. He also shares about (some of) his work at Apple, and his thoughts on iOS 7. We also go on a few fun rabbit trails about Wikipedia and the Olympics.

Whitney HessEpisode 5/12

Whitney Hess is a UX Coach, a speaker, and writer at her blog Pain and Pleasure. She is also a superb communicator and podcast guest, demonstrated in this episode by her thoughts on the importance of UX mentors (and how to find a mentor), personality types / profiles, her experience with Twitter, and candid discussion of conference fears.

Todd Zaki WarfelEpisode 4/12

Todd is a designer and speaker, and author of the well respected Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide. In this episode, he gives an introduction to prototypes and the essential role they play in the design process. He also gives advice for starting a business, and draws parallels between his hobby of woodworking and his digital design work.

Aarron WalterEpisode 3/12

The Great Aarron Walter is the User Experience Design lead at Mailchimp and author of Designing for Emotion. We talk about how he got started, his role at Mailchimp, and the massive Mailchimp redesign this year. He also offers some excellent and encouraging advice to those pursuing a UX job or internship.

Joshua PorterEpisode 2/12

Josh Porter is the author of widely respected UX blog, and Director of UX at HubSpot. We talk about writing, and the impact his blog has had on his carrier. We also discuss personal design philosophies, and how inexperienced UX Designers can develop their portfolios.

Andy BuddEpisode 1/12

Andy Budd is a veteran of the UX field, as one of the founding partners at Clearleft and author of CSS Mastery. We talk about his start into UX Design, the role of a formal education for UX Designers, as well as some UX ethical issues, and the difference between UX and UI Design.

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